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Admin - 4 months ago

When we want to change our lives, we should look at three aspects: Diet, Environment, and Active Movement. Diet means 'the way you eat'; not a diet plan or schedule you go on for a few weeks and then get off it! It's a matter of changing your eating habits, which is what we can help you with. Environment is about your physical and psychological environment; where and how you live and how you think about yourself. Some things we can change and others we can learn to adapt to; diet and exercise can help you in this area and give you the strength you need. Active movement includes exercise and with Fitness First it's important to find the exercise that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Admin - 4 months ago

Lifter Life is pleased to announce that it is now working with Fitness First LLC, providing healthy meals to Fitness First members at these locations: Mirdif City Center, Uptown Mirdif, Oasis Center, Business Bay, and Motor City, Members will be able to buy healthy meals, snacks, and shakes that are perfect for pre-workout, post-workout, or a healthy meal/snack for home or work. If you're not sure what is suitable for you, Lifter Life has a Health & Wellness Coach and Nutritionist who can help you. They will be available at the different locations on certain days. Please speak to the Lifter Life staff at the kiosks to find out when they are available, the fee, if any, depending on the service; and to make an appointment. This can help improve the benefits of your exercise and help you to a Fitter Life.

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Admin - 4 months ago

We here at Lifter Life want to do just that: Lift Your Life. Through our meal plans, nutrition consultation and lifestyle management, we will work with you to help you take those steps forward to a better you. Contact us if you have any questions we're here to Lift Your Life.

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