Muscle Growth Plan

Calories a day: 1900 - 2200

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Muscle Growth Plan

A high-quality diet is an essential part of muscle growth. You need good fuel for your body to build muscles and be in good shape. Select our muscle growth meal plan to achieve your goals, get high-quality food, and save time (fast delivery in Dubai). 

With this muscle gain diet plan, you will get a balanced protein-carb-fat diet. It was crafted for a calorie surplus to ensure it will bring a great boost to your workouts. You won’t eat the same meals every time - our diet plan offers a wide range of meals. Fish, chicken, beef, rice, granola, oatmeal, a diversity of salads and snacks. You will get fresh fruits and vegetables to fill your body with needed vitamins. 

Best Muscle Gain Diet Plan to Choose

Once you order gym food in Dubai from us, you will get a complex workout diet plan to gain muscle. This plan includes:

  • Three main meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner (granola with Greek yogurt, beef stroganoff, and Mexican chicken with white rice and Ghanooj dressing)

  • Two snacks (orange slices, dates with pistachio and coconut)

  • A salad (Edamame salad)

If you were thinking of a diet to grow muscles and eat clean, this is your best option. Order a bodybuilding meal plan now and start changing to become the best version of yourself. With this offer, you don’t need to spend time shopping, cooking, and measuring your food. Even if you select a short 7-day meal plan for muscle gain, you will have everything prepared extremely fast. You will get fresh food, so you can focus on your workout, job, etc. We create diversity by offering various mixes for each day. It means you won’t struggle to see the same food in your Keto meal plan.

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