Diabetes-Friendly Recipes to Change Your Diet

   July 5, 2024

Recipes for people with diabetes always differ from the default dishes people cook daily. The main difference is in the components we use to cook something. It's not only about dishes but also about drinks. Every day, people have morning coffee or drink tea in the evening. Every time, people should remember that their dishes should contain specific elements and have no added sugar. 

Following a strict diabetes-friendly diet puts some restrictions on you, as you have to cook dishes from specific ingredients and avoid sugar-added dishes. So, it's essential to expand your daily menu and search for new recipes. If you are looking for something new, keep reading to discover what you can cook to satisfy your routine.

How to Cook Dishes When You Have Diabetes?

Cooking meals at home is a good option regardless of your health status. When you craft dishes yourself, you know what exactly you eat and what proportions you have, which makes it easier for you to follow a healthy lifestyle. For the first time, cooking specific meals may be problematic due to limitations. Still, if you understand basic principles, it gets much easier.

Measure Ingredients

It's essential to cook everything according to the recipe and have all the ingredients in the needed amount. Get yourself a scale and measure your ingredients. Salad, beans, eggs, nuts, whole-grain products, fish, meat, and other components should be measured precisely. It's extremely important when you cook salads using olive oil as salad dressing. Also, using too many eggs in your daily nutrition plan is not very good because you consume a lot of cholesterol. Always measure ingredients in your meals and analyze your meal plan to see what works for you.

Choose Baking Instead of Frying

Although you can fry food with coconut oil, olive oil, or a low amount of butter, you will add too many calories to your meals, which is not good. Instead, it makes sense to bake meat, fish, and vegetables. You make your food soft and delicate. Moreover, baking removes fats from your dishes, which is good if you cook salmon for lunch or chicken for dinner.

Replace Classic Sources of Carbs

Choose brown rice instead of white rice, or choose whole-wheat bread instead of classic white bread (avocado toast will taste much better). Place an accent on ground nuts, like almonds or hazelnuts, as a source of unsaturated fats. Also, use nut butter as an alternative.

Make Flavors More Unusual

The fact that you have to follow a strict diet doesn't mean you have to limit yourself completely. Since sugar raises your blood sugar, you should avoid that and switch to other seasoning. Cinnamon, cardamon, nutmeg, balsamic vinegar, and other components will give you a strong taste. For example, if you cook oatmeal with fruits for breakfast, add cinnamon to strengthen the taste. It is a great combo with fruits, and you definitely won't skip this ingredient again.

Diabetic-Friendly Foods: From Breakfast to Dinner

We offer you some good options of what to cook for every meal, from breakfast to lunch. In the morning, it's better to give your body a bit of extra energy to wake up and prepare for the day. If you are lazy cooking at the morning, you can cook beforehand. Mix oatmeal with low-fat milk, fruits, and spices like cinnamon. Put it in the fridge overnight and get yourself a nice and tasty breakfast. Add some nuts on top when serving. Another option to try is a lemon avocado toast. Easy and tasty meal to cook that will boost you in the morning. Smash avocado, add some lemon peel and lemon juice. Mix it together and add some chia seeds on top. Cook toast and add the avocado-lemon mix on top. That's your breakfast. 

We are moving to lunch, and our option is Chicken Jalfrezi, an Indian dish. Take 2-3 large chicken breasts, a large onion(half for sauce and half for meat), 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 of chilly, 400 grams of plum tomatoes, one large chopped red pepper, and spices (cumin, turmeric, ground coriander, and garam masala. Marinate meat and start cooking veggies. Once it's cooked, fry the chicken using vegetable oil. Add chopped coriander leaves and garam masala when serving. This meal can also be a part of a weight loss plan due to calorie deficit and almost zero carbs. 

Since we offer two options for each meal, our second option for lunch is chargrilled vegetable salad. This recipe should be cooked on a grill and includes the following ingredients:

  • red vine vinegar

  • chopped red chilli

  • small garlic glove

  • olive oil

  • two large red peppers

  • red chili pepper without seeds

  • 2 red onions

  • plump sundried tomatoes in oil

  • olives and basil for decoration

You must make the vegetables soft but avoid making them dry. The portion should be served with torn mozzarella. It's positioned as a light starter, but it could also be an option for lunch.

It's dinner time, and our first choice in the list of diabetic recipes is salmon with avocado kale salad. This restaurant-quality dish can be easily made at home and provides your body with enough omega-3 and protein. Mix avocado with kale and add some olive oil for flavor. Bake fish and glaze it, adding some nuts on top when serving. 

The second option is baked eggplant stuffed with feta and spinach salad. The salad consists of feta, spinach, olive oil, mustard, and honey. Mix these ingredients and add salt and pepper. Stuff your eggplant with this salad, and you will have a great dinner. 

You Can’t Cook Meals? Order Them!

Food delivery is always an option if you can't cook dishes yourself. The only problem is to find a delivery service that will bring you the desired dishes. For people with diabetes, it's more complicated to find the food you want because it should match specific criteria. Luckily, now have a service that will bring you the dishes you want. Dozens of meals are cooked by chefs according to the recipes. You can select a diabetic meal plan that matches your preferences and is perfectly balanced in carbs, fats, and protein. Moreover, if you order a plan for a whole month, the meals won't be repeated. You will get something new every day.

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